Monday, July 17, 2017

Update on GreenesTowerDefense

Hello everyone, it has been a while since I last wrote on here. Honestly I been going through the motions on weather to keep working with Game Maker and complete this game or if I am better suited for C# and ASP.NET for web applications. I spent most of this weekend sulking and binge watching Steve Universe (Its a great show by the way) However on Sunday I got off my lazy butt and decided to go through and create a little more content for GreenesTowerDefense but I realized I had no plan. No end goal in site and thus had to go through and create a sort of plan to build from. Today I am going to go through with you what I decided on and how my original GDD(Game Design Document) got thrown out the window and I started over with a little more thought and took some time to figure out what exactly I wanted to create. To start with I realized that being a visual learner it is very important for me to be able to see a vision before I can figure out how to build it so the first part was to define the art style I wanted and the camera style I wanted for example the view I wanted to use. I decided on a cartoon style and an Isometric view point. Next I needed to know what I was going to build so I decided how everything was going to function and what the game was going to be from start to finish. After that I had to decide what was going to populate this game world and so I decided to list out all the sprites I would need, this also included backgrounds and more. Next I realized a hole in my plan and that I had not decided how each of those characters were going to interact with each other so that was what I did. Again realizing I had not been detailed enough I decided to go through and design each level what it would be and  what it would look like (roughly). Then I had to decide what all the systems would be in this game and how they would work. Last I had to figure out what all the sounds would be. I still need to figure out where to get them from or if I am going to make them myself, how. I hope you enjoyed this write up and if you would like to check out the new GDD (Aka: Plan of Attack) you can find it here...

Thanks and till next time You can do this! Sincerely Jonathan Greene

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