Monday, July 3, 2017

Getting over the fear of your first release.

I was once given a call to action by Brendon Buchard that no mattter what it was I was working on I needed to release to get over the fear of that initial release. Well it took me a while but i did about 2 days later muster up the strength to release my first title out for the world to play. It was a disaster and I even payed people to test the game out. That was a bad idea they were not honest at all and after a few more play tests it was obvious no one could figure out how to play that game. The game I am talking about is called Mathalvania and can be downloaded for free on android here... Mathalvania

Well I got to say Brendon was right on the money and I had a lot of growing that only could happen after releasing that first title and dealing with the backlash (mostly from family) of how bad it was. It was ugly and people did not understand the control and concept until i explained it in detail. At that point it was actually pretty fun to play if you know all your basic k-6 math. I write this to inspire others that no matter how bad your game is you should release it and as you build better and better games keep doing the same thing. Don't ever think your game has nothing to offer and don't judge it against other games made by other people. Everyone is on there own path and if no one wants to play test your game you can always leave me a link in the comments I would love to play test and give a report of the game or project your working on. Remember your (your) hardest critique and no one is going to be able to see your vision but you. Just keep plugging away at it and in a few years you will be on top of the game. Hope this helped and inspired someone and have a great 4th everyone!

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