Friday, July 7, 2017

Getting Android to work in Game Maker Studio

So today I would like to start off this post with my explanation of how I got android to work in Game Maker Studio Lets start by referring you to a few sites. This will be the first site your going to want to visit. Next your going to want to follow the steps and get the Java SE development kit from here Ok here comes the tricky part or at least it was for me. Next if you follow the yoyo instruction it tells you to just download the SDK and NDK for android. I found no use doing this possibly do to my lack of understanding of it. So what I did was just to download the Android Studio. Start a new project and then on the right hand side at the top of the window you will see an icon that  says SDK manager. So I used that to download the versions of android I needed. Next what I did is inside the android SDK there is a SDK location at the top of the window I used that and copy and pasted it into Game Maker as the sdk Location and vala it worked. Next I looked for the NDK at the very bottom of the list of stuff in the SDK downloaded that and looked in that same drive to find the location of the NDK and got that working next I had to create some kind of Hash key in Android so I did that and last I had to download a driver for my phone to be able to be seen in android. I hope this helps someone and hope you enjoyed reading. Feel free to message me about any problems or questions. Last Remember to Restart your computer and Phone if things aren't working right!

Thanks, Jonathan Greene

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