Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Coming to terms with our 120,000 debt!

Recently I started reading Dave Ramsey book the total money makeover. It has been pretty eye opening and really see how people see and use debt. I have to be honest and say that I had no clue we were this far in debt. We combined pull about 50k a year and are sitting at around 120,000 in debt. 30 from my Associates in Electronics about 70 for half my BA in Game Design from Full Sail University and the rest in my wifes Associates in Electronics. We are currently staying at a place where we don't have to rent and so you would think at least 25k of the 50 could go towards our debt. If we did manage to live on 25K a year that would mean it would take us about 5 years to pay off all the debt. Obviously that is not an option at all and we live on about 40k a year without RENT! I have a car I just started leasing and am being garnished on top of everything else lots of court costs. Anyhow I write this as a starting point for our debt reduction and to give you faith that if we can do it you can to! Please follow us on our journey to be debt free and see how long it really is going to take to pay off all these student loans. Hope you guys enjoy the difference in subject matter for a while and have a great night!

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